Donate today to help us provide God's Hope to our grieving families image

Donate today to help us provide God's Hope to our grieving families

Your donation allows us to provide a safe place for families to process their grief. Will you help by making a donation today?



This is the Rissley family: Harry III, Miranda, Harry IV, Leonardo, & Finnegan. In February 2021 their lives were "flipped upside down when our precious 7 year old, Ruby was involved in an accident". They now "live with the life motto of 'Be a Ruby'...she was kind and generous, genuine, and funny. She was one of a kind in so many aspects of her short life... but most of all, Ruby showed love. That's what it truly means to 'Be a Ruby', to show genuine love for whoever you meet....we will always, always miss our sweet girl, but we will honor her memory forever. We all strive everyday to Be a Ruby"

The Rissley's would like donors to know that, "unfortunately death, loss, and grief are a part of life. It's not easy to navigate, but Starlight is there. To show people that they are not alone in their pain. And that sadness is okay. Being a donor is a beautiful thing. Donors are the people that make Starlight possible. Because of donors, we are able as a family to go somewhere to grieve our sweet Ruby."

Your donation will help families like Harry & Miranda's and so many more. Please prayerfully consider giving today.